Books! Books! Books!!!

Books! Books! Books!!!

Books rule!

Published by Marlene S. on 2020-08-07 14:43:00 +0000

I love books. Almost more than I love yarn, and I love yarn an awful lot.

I can, and have, spend my entire day reading. It’s not uncommon for me to read at least one book start to finish in a day.

If I had to buy each book I read every day I’d need to be rich. Thankfully Kindle Unlimited exists.

This blog is for me to gush - at length - about the many books I’ve found so far on Kindle Unlimited that I’ve absolutely adored and think everyone should read.

I intend to be absolutely honest in my reviews. If I love something, I’ll straight up tell you so. If I hate something, I’ll tell you that too. No book is perfect and I can pick nits with the best.

Having said that, there will probably be spoilers. I’m working on a way for me to mark spoilers as such and hide them from you unless you choose to see them. Until then I’ll be as careful as I can be to avoid spoilers. Or just not really write anything in depth the way I want to.

Hope to share my loves with you soon!