layout: blogpost title: Big and Bright - Take One Million date: 2020-08-13 categories: personal –

So. I’m working on a new design, an asymmetrical triangle with a few sections of spaced eyelets. It’s inspired by the Texas night sky deep in the Texas Hill Country. Where the stars are, indeed, big abd bright and the Milky Way can be seen clearly.

The eyelet section is giving me fits though. The first attempt was just wierd. I was working the eyelets on the wrong side rows and that’s just a no-no.

So I started the whole thing over and worked the eyelets on the right side rows. It went much smoother and I was really happy with the way it turned out. Until I put my stitch counts at the end of the rows into my spreadsheet that calculates the stitch count in each row. I was short by at least five stitches, which means I no doubt missed some increases.

So I frogged the eyelets for a second time and am trying again. This time I am counting the stitches every row so I can double check my work as I go. Hopefully third time is the charm!