Welcome to My Personal(ish) Blog!

Welcome to My Personal(ish) Blog!

Published by on 2020-08-07 14:31:00 +0000

Hi everyone!

Welcome to what will eventually become my personal blog. I will not be getting super personal on here, but you can expect me to talk about a lot of real stuff in my daily life. For instance my struggles with bipolar disorder and overcoming a history of child abuse from a narcissistic mother. Those two things have had a profound impact on shaping who I am today and I don’t believe society is better off for not talking plainly about them.

I will also talk at length about my cats and my knitting. I’ll share what it’s like for me to design a knitting pattern from conception to finish. At this point I have yet to complete the process of turning a design into a finished pattern, but I’ll be talking more about what steps I have accomplished in future posts. This post is just to generate a little bit of content for my new blogs.

I hope you enjoy what you read. I will be looking for a way for you to add comments and hopefully will have something in place soon. I don’t get a lot of visitors right now so it’s not exactly a priority. However, if you have something to say I’m on Twitter several times a day at @knitonepurrtoo and I love to chat.