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Marlene learned how to knit in Pathfinders (the Seventh-day Adventist equivilent to Boy/Girl Scouts) about age 12. Like most teenagers she became frustrated at how slowly her projects grew and gave it up. Decades later, about 2009, she was encouraged to start by a fellow member on a web forum she belonged to. She never looked back, especially once she discovered the wide variety of yarn available online and through local yarn shops. Her favorite online sites are Knit Picks and Hobbii, both for their wide variety in amazing yarns and their affordable prices.

When Marlene isn’t knitting she can usually be found reading. An avid reader since she was four, Marlene reads on average one book a day. She loves her Kindle Unlimited subscription, as she could not afford her habit otherwise. Marlene also loves playing video games, typically massively multiplayer online role-playing games, like Lord of the Rings Online (which she has been regularlly playing since 2011) and Elder Scrolls Online (the only Bethesda game that doesn’t give her motion sickness).

Her love of cats started when a beautiful black and white female came to the front door of her childhood home and demanded to let inside. Marlene remembers begging her mom to let her inside. Finally her mom relented, and Marlene named the cat Mina (Mine-a) because “she was mine”. The other members of the family called her Hateful, because she was grumpy with everyone but Marlene. She is currently owned by two beautiful cats, Blueberry and Jessie. Blueberry was adopted in 2009 and Jessie in 2019. Both are blessings and much loved by both Marlene and her husband David.

David and Marlene met in 1996 when Marlene was a freshman in college. She fell hard and fast, but David took a lot longer to fall in love. Finally (FINALLY) in 2003 they were married on December 30th at their church. They mildly scandalized their guests by sitting together in the foyer, greeting everyone as they walked in.